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Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our customers have to say...

[emphasis added for all quotes]

<initial inquiry>

"I called <Brand X> today and talked to them. They do not have a set for the Luscombe my friend Steve put VG's on his metal wing Luscombe and swears by them. Not sure what brand he used but he said he used a Cessna 150 lay-out on his wings and it worked nicely! Said the airplane would stall at full power and about 38mph and then start climbing at 300fpm!  What is the advantage of your VGs?"

<and after trying Landshorter VGs>

"You have some new converts in San Diego! I installed the VG's on the tail and wings of my 90HP Rag Wing Luscombe 8A this weekend. Since there was great skepticism in our camp of aviation luminaries as to the actual benefit and possible dire consequences of putting your plastic VG's all over my airfoils I used the prescribed 3M carpet tape to temporarily affix them. Once completed my fearless 200lb friend Patrick and I (also 200lbs) piled into the airplane with about 15 gallons of gas, the little airplane was pushing gross weight.... It was 90 degrees on the ramp when we took to the air. I immediately felt a difference in the airplane. The airplane felt buoyant! We climbed out and tried some stalls and slow flight. We flew along the Mexican border and buzzed the Mountain Minute Men and landed at Jacumba. Jacumba is gravel 2500 foot long on the side of a hill with an elevation of 2820. It was close to 100 degrees with a 12knot wind down the runway. I confidently flew in landed very short and was able to take-off and do a touch and go on the way out like it was a sea level airport on a standard day!! I felt like I just got a new pleasantly different airplane! I love my Luscombe and have over 1500 hours in this machine (bought it in 1977 with the parts to fix it and learned to fly in it). We just put the airplane back on the line last year after an 8 year rebuild with major modifications that made the airplane a pleasure to fly. 12.5 gal Wing tanks in the rag-wings, 90HP (from 65) with a light weight starter and generator, Com, Transponder, ICS, GPS, extended baggage, helicopter seats, lowered floorboards and Hydraulic brake, Long sticks with PTT's on both. I can't fly this airplane enough; even though I'm 6'3" the machine is very comfortable. The last thing that tops the list of mods is LANDSHORTER VG's!!!"

"My Dad, the skeptic, was highly impressed when he was able to slow fly at 55mph with tons of control and confidence. Power-on stalls are impressive when the nose is pointed to the moon the airspeed is buried and we're still climbing! A slow Luscombe is a nervous airplane but with the VG's it fly's slow like a CUB!!! My friend Barry (F-18 driver, airline pilot, owner of many Luscombes) has flown my airplane in the last two weeks. I throw him the keys and let him get his "Luscombe FIX" by himself. This last time with the VG's installed he said it felt like he had another 20HP on take-off! He was very impressed and will put them on his next project Luscombe. It took another friend Will, two tries, to land my Luscombe because he could not believe how slow you-now need to approach to hit your spot. He has a Luscombe and said he was having a very hard time believing you could safely slow the airplane like he needed to. "Very un-Luscombe like he said!! I could not get out of the airplane since I installed the VG's and put 10 hours on it! ... I think I will go to 1" spacing on the Horizontal Stab so I'll need more VG's." Michael, Luscombe 8A, San Diego, CA

 "Hi Joa, it has been a while since I ordered the VG's but I told you I would let you know what we found... I can tell you that the rock steady handling of the T-Bird with the VG's at slow speeds is incredible, just a couple of knots above stall the controls feel like you're at cruise. It also lowered the stall speed about 5mph. We are currently able to operate out of a 450' grass strip, and that still amazes me. If you need a distributor let me know.....GREAT PRODUCT......Thanks." Tracey Sherman, T-Bird, Industry, PA

"Got your Kitfox card and thought I'd let you know that I purchased a set for my wing and tailfeathers about two months ago... works just as you said it would Solo I'm getting at least 8 mph slower stall speed.  My plane is a Model III, older Fox, 582 powered.  At 4000 rpm,  nose high, <you feel a> "nibble, nibble" at 30 indicated, relax back pressure and you're flying again.... best mod for the money, you can quote me on it."  Mike Conner, Darby, MT, Kitfox Model III

"I put the VG's on the wings and under the tail and on both sides of the rudder as per instructions and was amazed at the improvement in low speed handling.At my cottage, my east-west strip is less than five hundred feet long with forty foot trees, fifty feet back at the west end and thirty foot trees less than 100 feet back at the east end. My stall speeds with only myself in the plane and full flaps are right around 30mph, and I still feel that I have some control in this area with the VG's. My north- south strip is shorter, with no trees and is 15 feet higher at the south end and I still regularly use it. I think most of the credit goes to the plane but some at least has to go to the VG's. I have stopped with less than half of the strip gone, even after coming over the trees. It feels safe and stable If you put the VG's on the rudder and tail, you will not have to be as concerned as you might imagine with regard to the low speed control. You can simply DROP in if you get the speed slow enough. I really think they provide a wide safety margin, especially in the kinds of fields I land in. I have flown in with others in the plane and they are sometimes a little concerned at the prospect of landing in the fairly restricted distance at my cottage; I give them the opportunity of going to a nearby 2000ft strip if they really want to and when they decide to come in at my strip, they are amazed. A lot of it is they plane and 20 % of it is the VG's. I have not been happier with any other accessory to the aircraft, regardless of price. Bang for the buck, it is the best investment I have made on the plane."  Brian Smith, Rans S-7, Canada

"I finished the installation of your VGs today on a Kitfox early model 4 with a NSI Suburu 120 hp engine and speedster modifications that where available when I built the plane. It was finished in 1997. I have about 450 hours in the plane. The results are as follows:

Ground roll is definitely shorter with low speed rotation in the 40s. I would guess the ground roll to lift off under 250 feet. Be advised the density altitude for the day was 8100 feet, airport elevation 6800, so not too bad ..climb out clean configuration was 700 ft /min this was at gross wt and at one time 1000 ft min this is up also a few hundred feet per min with the same wt/ config pre installation..

Surprisingly cruise speeds at same power setting seem to indicate a couple of mph higher. No appreciable difference at top speed and I never fly there any way.

Handling seems much steadier and there seems to be firmer control authority. Stall before the installation was 49mph now clean it is down to 46/ 47 and with about 25 degrees of flaperon is now at 42 mph.

I initially installed VGs on the wings only and in the power off stall configuration with flaperons deployed the tail would stall before the wing ever did. I went back and installed vgs under the horizontal stab and now the wing and elevators controls are about the same in terms of the stall. It is a very docile stall with no tendency to drop off a wing with a coordinated effort and basically it just porpoises in and out of a stall in the low 40s indicated. Comparatively to preinstalltion where the stall break was pretty sharp with lots of bucking when held in stall i.e. when the wing would stall and drop / recover and stall again I held it in an extended stall configuration for about thirty seconds and it was definitely a more docile stall recovery profile.

Power on stalls were very exciting, the angle of attack extremely high and the airspeed was about 30 indicated at stall . Once again there was very little tendency to roll a wing off and the stall and recovery was again docile, seemly more so then pre installation.

Approach to landing seemed more stable with improved control authority. Landings today where in 30 degree crosswind 16 gusting to 23. The plane is usually a handful in these conditions but seemed very controllable through out three separate landings. All today's landings were wheel landings because of conditions, yesterday a wheel landing and 3 point where done with the three point being better then most due to a slower approach speed.

I am quite pleased with the VGs and the installation was straight forward, I am quite happy about everything it has done for the plane. Thanks."  Dave Noltensmeyer CFI, Ruidoso, NM,  Kitfox Model IV 

 "I fitted my VG kit to the top and bottom wing of my Bipe, conditions were not ideal for testing, with a gusty 10-15 knot wind, so I am really looking forward to a calm day, however, at 3000 ft above the strip I tried a few stalls and I have to say I am really impressed."

"Previously my power off stall was fairly savage, as I approached 43 knots the right wing and nose would let go with very little warning and I'd be pointing down and starting to auto rotate. Now however, I can hold full stick back and just mush along with things still controllable. I was absolutely blown away. Power on stalls occur at about 37knots, so that's a good 6 knot improvement. Climb performance has also improved although it's hard to tell by how much at this stage, need to do some tests on a calm day. Many thanks, a very happy customer." Eddie Seve, Sydney Australia, Baby Pitts Special (Aussie design)

"As I told you on the phone I have not been comfortable with landing the Glastar since day one, but since installing your VG's I know exactly what was happening...often the tailwheel would touch down first which made the mains come down hard and bounce. Well you can imagine how happy I was after installing the VG's. I now have the elevator authority to do those perfect grease it in landings. I can't wait to install the VG's on the wings. So I want to order another set."  Ed Moran, Colts Neck, NJ

So he did and after installing VGs on his Glastar wing Ed said, "I do like them. I feel more secure when I slow the plane down, especially in the pattern. I'm extremely happy." And when asked whether they improve his takeoff performance Ed says, "oh definitely, the airplane just leaps off the ground."

"I've put your VGs on my Avid.  My cruise speed was unchanged and my stall speed dropped about 11 or 12 mph.  The difference is quite dramatic.  I think putting them closer together was good; now I have authority on the tail that I never had before where I would just run out of  flare, especially power off.  I can actually climb at 35 mph with power if I need to.  I'm very very happy with the way they're performing."  Jim Franzel, Luck WI, Avid Mark IV

"I think they're great.  The plane is a lot more stable at slow speed.  The control surfaces have a lot more control, not as sloppy.  It takes off shorter."  Gary Schmitt, Highlands NC, Escapade and Highlander

"I have conducted a full flight test schedule with them on our <Kolb> Xtra for UK approval and they are simply amazing, small light and inexpensive and you can hardly see them... They have lowered the stall speed 5 kt or approximately 6 mph, and we get off the ground quicker and the landing and flare is much better." Mike the Kiwi, Silver Fern Microlights Ltd

"They worked! Normally on my Series 5 Kitfox stall is at about 48 . I am now able to slow fly and make controllable turns at 40 mph. Of course this is against everything my mind is telling me to do... Landing and slow flight has increased dramatically.  Control input is more responsive than ever before. There is no noticeable stall now at any speed the nose just falls over and with very little down I regain flight speed....Thanks Again!"  Ricky Simmons

"We got a reduction in stall. I'm bringing it in a lot slower and I have more flare. In real tight turns we can slow to 27 mph at 35-40 degree turns and it just holds on. For $100 it's the cheapest performance out there. With the airplane really loaded it just doesn't quit flying, it hangs on a lot longer. This is especially important with others flying our planes since we now have an added safety cushion." Troy Woodland, Just Aircraft LLC, Escapade and Highlander

"They do everything you claim they do. I get tighter turns. My plane literally jumps off the ground and reacts quicker. I have a 5 mph stall speed reduction." Jerry Jones, Skyraider

"Your VGs improved my takeoff performance about 20%. I measured all on the same day within about an hour with no change in wind and had the same guy marking the distance each time. I did three runs each.  The takeoffs with the VGs were very consistent, about six to eight feet apart.  Without the VGs the takeoffs were a good thirty feet apart.  I was satisfied with them, for $95 you can't go wrong."  Dan Knippling, Ridgerunner

"They really made a difference. Everyone that flies my Escapade thinks they're just great, I was real pleased with the change. It dropped my stall speed 7 mph and made a real impact. I felt putting them on would be necessary for safety to have the control for my short airstrip that has obstacles on both ends. I'm real happy with them." JoEllen McDonald, Roscommon MI, Escapade

"Your VGs lowered my stall speed about 10 mph. They increased the lift and I land shorter and takeoff quicker. I didn't notice any difference in cruise." Norman Moorehead, Bivins TX, Titan Tornado

"I had been flying a fantastic 1978 160hp <Super>Cub that would do amazing things and I always blamed it on the Monte Barrett engine up front that is probably breaking 170 HP. But then I flew a stock 1980 cub with a 150 hp and saw the <same> performance, wow. I tried to convince myself it had something to do with the metal flaps and ailerons but then I realized they were the only two that I had flown with the CC <Cub Crafters> VG kit. If you go to my pictures on this site <www.supercub.org> you will see picture of it (the 150 hp) sitting next a fire lookout at 7000' elevation. The airplane gives you plenty of comfort in the 200' take off required there. I have not felt that even in 180 hp airplanes."

"I was then looking for more performance for my <Cessna> 170 and thought about <Brand X> VGs which are against my religion... So I borrowed some from Joa and got to sticking them on. For my test I tried to duplicate the CC kit. The inboard is at 11% and the outboard is at around 8%. After doing that to my stock 145 super light 170 I did see a difference. But it wasn't where I expected it; it was in climb performance with the flaps clean. I had a 250 fpm increase and with a stock 170 that was great. The stall was a little better and aileron authority under 50 was improved as well. I still couldn't convince myself that <Brand X> was worth buying."

"On Joa's Rans we saw fantastic things some of which are expected and others that weren't. When I started giving a quick check out to Joa in the Rans we saw a problem. He was in the front at 6'6" or greater and 265, and I was in the back at 185, and yes the Rans S-7 performs like a banchee with the two of us. But in the flare you would run out of elevator and bounce off the mains and this was with a 65 mph approach speed. With VG's on the wing only the problem was more than gone. Now at 50 mph on approach you had enough left over to actually balloon the approach. I would not expect this gain on the typical airplane but I saw it time and again with Joa's Rans."

"Joa did alot of extra stuff with the design of his VG's. #1 they have a little curve to the base so they actually fit an airfoil, #2 the corners were rounded off so they won't catch you wing covers and both of those items are nice."

"For $100 worth of VG's and $3 for a roll of two sided carpet tape you can find out for yourself. It seems pretty cheap to me."

Kelly Mahon, A&P/IA, Priest River, ID

<Joa adds, "Kelly is one of the busiest guys I know and was gracious to allow me to share his comments.   We strive to protect the privacy of our customers so we request that you not give him a call at home.  Thanks for your consideration.">

"My only recommendation would be to forget the temporary installation- they work. The clean airplane was stalling at 48 <solo>, your VGs bring it down to 41.5. I very easily qualify for sport pilot category now. I was very pleased with the increased stability in the landing pattern. I've done a lot of stall work, I was a test pilot for Continental with the 737s and also a test pilot for the military before that." Stan Challgren, Zenith 601HDS, Evergreen, CO

"Just finished a morning's test flying with a set of Harrison Designs VG's installed on my Firestar. They definitely work - the stall speed is noticeably reduced.... The aircraft with VG's can be flown precisely right up to the stall. The stall speed without VG's was 35 mph, and with VG's is 30 mph.... The overall handling with VG's is improved. The aircraft feels more stable and solid. I was able to do controlled slow flight at 32 mph with gentle turns. I have not previously been able to fly precisely that near the stall with my Firestar.... I did notice a positive difference on approach and landing. The air was still, and I flew approach at 40 mph. On flare, it appears to float more, and I believe the "Kolb Kuit (quit)" is much reduced. Also, the Firestar with VG's is easier to control precisely during the landing. You are able to touch down with the tailwheel first if you hold it off just above the runway. My overall impression is a plus, and I'm going to leave the VG's on the wings." Dave Bigelow, Kolb Firestar 2, Kamuela, HI

"I'm pretty ecstatic about them. I am able to climb much better, I see 250 - 300 fpm better climb. My takeoff distance is now consistently about 250 feet where I use to take about 400 feet. On landing I use to come in at 60 and now it's a real solid 50 mph. This summer I'm looking forward to going in to the strips I use to and seeing how much easier they are." Ron, Alaska, 100hp J-5 Cub Cruiser

"I want to thank you for your vortex generators, they did an incredible job and I am very pleased. It made a world of difference. Before when I came in it would just drop out on me, now when I come in I can flare and hold it there and it just settles down nice. It's so much more comfortable, you've got a very happy customer here and I want to order another set for the tail." Bob Bayes, Winston Salem, NC, 582 Phantom (aerobatic)

The first takeoff the thing climbed like a homesick angel, I was very surprised.  Normally at the end of the runway I'm up about 200', with the VGs I was up about 500' and by the time I turned downwind was at a pattern altitude of 1000'.    I was impressed.  Then I flew slow flight down to 30 mph and was very happy with the performance.  I'm a 20,000 hour retired United pilot and flew 12 years in the Air Force before that.  My Kitfox is a fun little plane and this is going to make it even more so.  I'm quite happy with them and would like to order another set for the tail.  Norman Bennett,  Port Orchard , WA,  Kitfox IV 

"The test flight of the Cessna 150 was today....holy macaroni !!. Crisp ailerons.. and the stalls are so low the airspeed read  ZERO...lol ..well it wasn't really according to the Garmin. Rate of climb is 500 ft a min even up @ 90 indicated." Bill, New York, Cessna 150 

 "I'm very, very happy. I got at a 7mph indicated reduction in stall speed and noticeably better angle of climb. It's just amazing what they do to the aircraft. I was flying at 30 mph indicated at 4500 RPM with my Rotax 582 with an insane angle of attack. Adding power would make me ascend and reducing power would make me descend. I could pull it back to where the airspeed wasn't even believable at all."

"It doesn't change the cruise speed at all."

"On takeoff at our field I normally clear the end of the runway at 400' AGL, now I'm at 550'. I also feel more comfortable flying in the pattern, it's just rock solid and I stop in half the distance."

"I put them under the tail and the Avid absolutely needs it."

"It took about 3 hours to put on start to finish <wings and tail>."

"I'm an ultralight instructor and now becoming a sport pilot instructor. The comfort level has just shot way up. I'm looking forward to installing lots of these for my students. You've got a good product and it's working for me and some of the guys at the airport will also be giving you a call."

Mike Zidziunas, Mike Z Sport Aviation, Lakeland FL, Avid Flyer Mark IV

 "I have a Clipped Wing Challenger with 11' wings on each side.  I placed them on the wings per your manual.  The difference is pretty substantial.   I'm 6'6" and 275# and before my stall was in the low 40s and now it's almost hitting 30.  They work really well and I want to order another set for my tail."  Brad Weakly, Highland IL, Clipped Wing Challenger II

"I installed your VGs on my Beaver RX550....my stall speed went down only about 2 mph...the more I flew with them, the more that I came to appreciate the positive characteristics that they bestowed on my plane. Previously, I usually set my approach speed at about 58 mph. I am now approaching at about 52 or 53. The aircraft also flies at 50 mph in slow flight which previously was almost impossible to do."

"This past weekend, an ultralight instructor friend of mine came to visit and he started working with me on my UL instructor's rating. With my excessive... weight, my Beaver was a very poor performer as a two place ac. The VG's changed that completely. I was amazed at how it handled overall with two big guys. It took off quickly, climbed nicely and had a good speed range. Slow flight was easy and the stalls were very gentle. Before the VGs, it was very twitchy in the stall and it always felt like a spin was not far away. Now you can roll 45 degrees either way (in the stall) by using only the ailerons."

"I went out flying yesterday and at full throttle, I could not stall the airplane. The attitude angle was ridiculous and was a little scary. It looks like I do not have enough elevator authority.(even though I have the vgs on the horizontal stab and put a gap seal between the stab and elevator) The airspeed indicator read about 33 but the GPS was about 38 or 39 mph. With full back stick, I was still climbing about 100 fpm. I am sure if I would have entered the climb with some speed and pulled up abruptly, it likely would have broke (stalled) but I gradually pulled the nose up and it just sat there and pulsed. There is no way, it would have done that before VG installation. I am having fun, seeing what it will and won't do. I will probably be playing (testing) for a while yet."

"They performed so well that this friend, Ken Lumb, is thinking about putting some on his Challenger II. Several of the other guys are also thinking that they may try VGs as well. Also, another friend, Lynn Dickout would like a set for his Chinook Plus II. Therefore, I would like to order 3 sets (300)."

Joe Harrington, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Beaver RX550

"I got my VG's installed (temporarily) today, what a difference! My stall speed went from 38MPH to 29MPH and the stall is much more gentle. Now I need to put VG's on my tail surfaces as I run out of pitch and rudder authority at slow speed. Thanks." Karl Schneider, Dale, TX, Baby Ace

"Just wanted to let you know that I finally got the vg's on the wing.... I took my first flight tonight; with much anticipation it flew great.  I feel I had about a 3 mph increase in cruise and the plane was much more stable, seemed more quite with less vibration.  I didn't get to try out the stall speeds yet, but the landing was fantastic, more stable.  Can't wait to put the vg's on the horizontal." Steve Allbee, Spokane, WA, Kitfox IV Speedster

"I just finished the test flight with the VGs installed on my SkyRaiderII  and I am pleased with the results.  Before the installation the plane was like a rock at less than 50 mph and was hard to land without flying it onto the ground.  After the installation of VGs on the wings the elevator was ineffective at the lower landing speeds.  Adding VGs to the horizontal stabilizer gave me back elevator control.  I have been very unhappy with the plane since new, but now it flys like I expected.  The stall speed went down about 7 to 8 mph and the stall is very mild without the breakoff.  I wish I had known about them a couple of years ago." Ron Moss,  Chehalis, WA./ Desert Hot Springs,CA, SkyRaider II

<posted to a Kolb owners newsgroup> 

"This morning, I got a chance to fly in calm air, and really test the LandShorter VG's on my Firestar II. Wow! Call me a believer. This was the most sigificant change that I have made to my Firestar by a long shot. I was one that found the VG reports by others a little hard to believe.  I thought that they had to be exagerating some. No more.

My Firestar II now has a 10 mph lower stall speed. That's 40 mph indicateed down to 30 mph indicated. But that is only for starters: The stall, before, was sharp enough to bend the aluminum gear by flairing too soon and stalling just 10 feet over the runway. Now the stall is almost none existant. The break can be felt, it's eazy to notice, but the nose hardly drops and the wing starts flying again with no input from me. I did full power stalls, cruise power stalls, and power at idle stalls. All were at 30 mph and with similar results.

Possum said to take steep turns at 30 mph. I'm not ready to try that, but I did try steep turns at 40 mph. Amazing! My Firestar did a good imitation of a glider. It held altitude in a steep turn with only about 100 rpm more than it took to hold altitude on the level.

And that brings up the next change: I needed about 400 rpm less to hold altitude then before. Used to be 4,900, now 4,500'.

Here is my recomendation: If you haven't flown a Kolb yet, put VGs on before the first flight. If you are already flying a Kolb without VG's, try them, you will like them.

In summary, I much prefer my Firestar with the Landshorter VGs. I have flown Firestars for the past 9 years, and I have some time in a Mark II and a Mark III. These Landshorter VGs make my plane easier to land then any non-VG Kolb I have flown." John Jung, Firestar II, Surprise, AZ

"The stall speed on my Pulsar dropped about 9 mph. Everything just seems much more gentle, the stall is much nicer. The low speed is much improved and I didn't lose any on the top end at all.  It's like magic almost, I'm very happy."  Rick Lawler, Chapel Hills, NC, Pulsar XP

"Holy cow!!! I installed my vg's last weekend on my Pober Pixie. Of course from that point on it has been raining so I have not been able to test them out, that is until today. The results are unbelievable. The Pober Pixie has a stall speed supposedly, when powered by a VW engine of thirty miles per hour. My plane is powered by a big heavy Continental A65 and stall speed was around 45 miles per hour. Getting in and out of my uncles 600 foot strip was to say the least very challenging. Today I did some stall tests, IT DOES NOT STALL!!!! At least not in the conventional sense, before It would break at 45 with a quick drop of the right wing. Now with the stick full back doing 30 miles per hour, no break just a big mush and a descent of about 800 ft per min. I am sure I could slow the descent if I install vg's on the horizontal stab. As soon as I figure out how many I need I will be placing another order with you. Power on stall is non existant, full power with an insane angle of attack airspeed flutters about at 35 miles per hour, with a 200 foot per minute climb!!!! That is what I call hanging on the prop! Thank you very much for your super product, good instructions, I found the sweet spot first time out. I will be in contact with you soon."  Bob Barron, Abbotsford, BC, Pober Pixie  

"I had ordered a set of VGs from you and have since installed a tested them, and I have to say that it is the best investment I have made so far on this plane. I installed them on a Avid Magnum with 160 hp. I reduced my stall speed by 6 mph and decreased my landing speed by 10 mph. I used to have a hard time coming in at 50 mph by my self but now I can come in at 45 mph with two people and full fuel, it's great since my field is really short at home. The Magnum will not drop a wing anymore when it is so called stalled, but it really doesn't stall it just loses altitude at 1000 fpm with full after elevator but goes along like normal flying. I attached some pictures of the vg's and what I did is I did not even glue them because the double face tape stuck so well then I added vinyl patches over the VG witch also secures them down and makes them really less noticeable and smooths the edges around the vg and if I ever need to take them off I still can do so, but I have no reason to. If I do loose one then I might think about gluing them on. Once again a great product and you will be getting more orders from other people I know who has flown with me." Jay Zack, Cloquet, MN, Avid Magnum 

"Joa,   Hello again.  Put your VG's on wing and tail a month ago and do notice a great improvement in performance. In fact other Challenger owners remarked how mine got airborne in less distance than previously. But on the other hand, I kept throttling back to test the stall but did this at too low an altitude and almost landed on a fisherman sitting in his boat fishing. This should have warned me but that evening I flew again but this time a met a tree too high to get over and landed fairly gently on top and descended to the earth with minimal damage (someone up there loves me) but I lost a bunch of VG's from the wings.   Which brings me to the reason I'm writing you. Please send me one hundred more which will give me a few spares. ................thanks."  Challenger Owner, Canada

<Joa adds, "Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction, please be careful not to land on boats or trees when testing your VGs....but if you do we want to hear about it.">

"Hi Joa, your VG's have worked out very well on my Kolb Firestar. It stalls at 34mph and floats (a lot) if I let my approach speed get a little high. Kolbs are not supposed to float! Low speed handling is very solid, couldn't ask for more." Terry Davis, Kolb Firestar, Sumpter, OR,

"I got your VGs on and the climb is just unreal. The slow flight blew me away, it didn't climb straight up but darn near." Don Hargraves, Challenger II, Ponca City, OK

"We're seeing at least a 5 mph reduction in stall speed and better low speed handling.  The stall speed went down from about 45 indicated to 39 indicated.  Overall they did a very good job."  Max Burns, 670 powered Slipstream Genesis, Pasco, WA


  They've worked for these folks, they really will work for you too.  What do you have to lose (besides stall speed, sloppy handling, landing distance, and insurance premiums)?