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Johnson Creek, ID

No trip to the McCall Family Fly-In is complete without a stop by Johnson Creek, ID.  This year it happened to coincide with a Maule Fly-In at the airstrip.


Though this strip is no real challenge from a technical standpoint it does grant a few "Darwin Awards" each year to folks that get lulled by it's large size and forget that Idaho altitude and heat can severely limit aircraft performance.

My father in law (below) and I were literally the two biggest guys to climb out of the smallest plane.  I'm 6'8" and 265# and Jack is 6'6" and around 230#.

One of the great things about my Rans S-7 is that it carries big guys like us with room to spare in either the front seat or the back.  Of course those VGs really help too!

This place was a zoo.  We happened to have a nice pancake breakfast at the McCall Fly-In before we came over but the rest of the crowd was apparently just leaving for breakfast as we were arriving.  

Nothing beats a beautiful Central Idaho morning, especially when it involves flying!